The OIC offers imaging services on five microscopy systems: (1) a Leica SP8 3X STED Super-Resolution Microscope, (2) a Nikon A1RS Confocal Microscope, (3) a Leica DMi8 Fluorescent Microscope, (4) a Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope, and (5) Nikon Mulitphoton/Confocal Microscope. Imaging techniques available through the core now include: standard epifluorescence microscopy, super resolution microscopy, long-term live cell imaging, two-photon/intravital microscopy, spinning disk confocal imaging, deconvolution, particle tracking, fluorescence spectral detection, photoactivation/uncaging, FRAP, and calcium imaging. Investigators can maintain and grow live cells in a culture room equipped with biosafety cabinets, hypoxia and CO2 incubators (Room 2081).


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