Covid-19 Protocols

Cleaning Expectations

  • Wash and sanitize hands after entering equipment rooms and again before leaving.
  • Soap and paper towels will be provided in 2073/2081.
  • Prior to use please wipe down all washable surfaces with 70% ethanol soaked Kimwipes – prevent aerosolizing settled virus.
  • Do not spray directly onto the microscopes.
  • Clean all surfaces touched again at the end of your session.
  • Pay special attention to eyepieces and the front body of the scopes that is being breathed on.
  • We discourage the use of gloves to prevent a false sense of security.
  • Clean all door handles inside and out prior to leaving the area.

Social Distancing Expectations

  • Users are asked to flip door occupancy signs whenever entering or leaving equipment rooms.
  • Please share your contact information in reservation comments box for other users to reach out during transition if needed.
  • Only one user is permitted per microscope room.
  • Consider entering a space vacated by the previous user at least 15 minutes after the beginning of their own reservation.
  • By delaying entering a room, a user can lower his/her peronal risk of exposure by allowing potential aerosolized virus to settle or clear through air exchange.

Please contact us if supplies are in need of restocking.